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  • Just 6 hours ago, I had to say goodbye to my best friend; Piper. She wasn't around our household for very long, almost 2 years, and she was only 8 and a half years old. Here I am; 16 years old, finally learning real pain. I chose to sit there, and watch my dog put to sleep before my very eyes. I couldn't stop crying, I was in heartbreak. Hating myself, because I wish I could've done more to help. But we couldn't, her medical issues were going downhill and we were very tight on money. No matter what us and the staff tried, we couldn't find the best results. I didn't want her to suffer any further, so we did what had to be done. Speaking of the staff; they were so kind and nice to us. They gave Piper treats, they gave me moments alone with Piper, they allowed me to stay and hold her as she gave her last breaths as she died in seconds. They gave me quite some time alone after that. As soon as they left the room? I broke down... Crying, loudly, as I gripped onto Piper tightly. One Staff Members walked in after the 5 minute request was over. They must've saw me; crying, soaked with tears, sobbing loudly. In that case, I received more time alone. It eventually became 20 minutes as it was finally time to go home with our dog. Overall; the Staff was so nice and kind after seeing and knowing what I was going through. It's been 6 hours, and Im still tearing up on occasions. I would like to just take this moment to thank all of the Staff who work here; they're very nice, and they really do their best to help. From checking on your pet, helping your pet, or allowing you to say goodbye to your pet and see them. For the very last time. Again. Thank you Staff Members, so much. You really made my Goodbyes special, it really does mean a lot to me. R.I.P. Piper Stewart 2008-2017
    Sam Stewart
  • My dog had severe Diarrhea and was also vomiting on top of that, I called my regular Vet that I have been very loyal to for years and was not able to get in.I decided to call Carbon Valley and they were able to get my dog in immediately.When we walked in we were greeted by the receptionist who was very professional and friendly with a nice smile. The Nurse that did the preliminary questioning and temperature etc. was also very nice and easy to talk to. Charlie, my dog was seen by Dr Ukrainchuk and I have nothing but nice things to say about her, she was very thorough with her exam and questioning and suggested that I allow her to do X-rays and Blood work, which are done on site so that there is no waiting game for the laboratory, however she gave me a CHOICE we could have started with medications to treat for a stomach upset, she also made sure that I knew all the prices for the testing so I would not get a big surprise when checking out. I chose to do the whole work up. it took all together about 25 minutes to get it all done.By the end of the visit I knew the results of the blood work and x-rays. Luckily it turned up that most likely Charlie got into something and had a nasty stomach upset, I also learned that he had higher then usual liver values, because of the blood work I am now able to treat Charlie for his liver issue with food and supplements and hopefully stop the liver from getting any worse. I have decided that I will no longer take Charlie to his regular vet and will make Carbon Valley his permanent Veterinarian.The Doctor was very gentle with my Charlie and so was the nurse and the receptionist . I also had the opportunity to meet Dr Bagg tour the Hospital and found out that they also have a groomer on staff as well as Boarding which is good to know if I want to go on Vacation. Thanks to Dr Ukrainchuk I am happy to report that Charlie is happy and healthy now.
    Ronald R.
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